About Us

HCM Global Technologies is a small, flexible & strong team. 

HCM Global Technologies has set itself a leader in the IT staffing and solutions company for various industries. Being a small group, our flexibility and agile IT staffing method strengthens us and helps us in achieving success in this competitive and dynamic market. With time we have proved to be trusted advisors along with great IT resources that has earned us high profile clients.

[us_iconbox icon=”fa-user” iconpos=”left” size=”70px” title=”All sorts of IT Projects”]We have a clear understanding of criticality of IT projects that has been a result of technology expansion across every industry. Therefore we believe in employing IT consultants with expertise and highest quality skills, which will cater to the unique technological demands of our clients. We are well known for our cost effective solutions for the clients.[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-globe” iconpos=”left” size=”70px” title=”Streamlined Process”]Our experience with unique requirements of clients and skilled staff set has enabled us to maximize efficiency with streamlined process for the business. This also allows us to improve skill sets and practice cost cutting, thus helping the clients in several ways. Our success stories have three common ingredients: innovative ideas, expertise and work ethic of our resources. [/us_iconbox]